Who was Asherah?

Asherah was honoured as an advanced being and is one of the many Elohim or “powerful beings” who’s existence is recorded in the pages of the bible. El of Ekron, Akhkech of Egypt, Dagon of the Philistines and Yahweh El Shaddai of the tribes of Israel are all included in what the ancient biblical writers called the Seba Hassamayim. But what was Seba Hassamayim?

Asherah The Documentary

“I’ve been a preacher for more than 30 years. I’ve studied and taught through the Book of Genesis many, many times in churches all around the world. And I’ve trained pastors in the skills of interpreting texts. And it’s very clear they’re not stories about gods. They’re stories about the powerful ones in the Bible and the sky people. The Annunaki in the Sumerian tablets.”

The priests who knew how to read the Library of Hebrew texts knew that they were full of texts about Asherah and other powerful entities who had interacted with our ancestors in the deep past. It had to be edited to give the impression of a seamless story of Yahweh, the one and only God. From start to finish, almost airbrushing out of memory the Hebrew story of Paleocontact.

Tel El Fara – Since the 1940s, an expanse of 45 acres has been an archeological site, oversighted for three decades. a major excavation took place here, opening up an incredible window onto the real world. And the Bible through an enormous body of physical artefacts on this site.

Buildings, decorations, carvings, ornaments, jewellery and figurines were uncovered, giving us eyes on what the ancient Hebrews were seeing, thinking and imagining when they spoke of Elohim. Powerful beings from the deep past. Among the archeological finds made here was an extraordinary carving of a nous. A Nous is a doorway that completely out of context. There is nothing behind it. There is no surrounding building.

And now this is a really interesting object. The conventional explanation is that this depiction of a doorway represents an entire building, but the building is not depicted. The building is considered to be implied. But if I just describe it to you and say we’re looking at a doorway that appears to go nowhere, there’s nothing around it. There’s nothing behind it.

And yet from this thing that is only a doorway, advance beings can come through that doorway. Now, in contemporary language, we have a word for that. We would call it a portal!

Ashura was a female entity and the archeological finds that point to Ashura show her as emphatically female. The figures emphasize the vulva, bare breasts, big bouffant hair. She is emphatic, only female. And more than that, she is a very powerful entity.

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