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We specialize in creating content exploring thought-provoking subjects

The 5th Kind

Creating thought provoking videos and documentary programs.

About Us

We specialize in creating content exploring thought-provoking subjects such as world mysteries, ancient aliens, UFO’s, spirituality, religion, ancient technology, paleocontact the paranormal and the supernatural. Together, founder Anthony Barrett and author Paul Wallis have formed a long standing partnership creating original mind expanding content that all demographics can enjoy .

We have conducted interviews with guests such as Richard Dolan, Erich Von Daniken, Billy Carson, Matt Lacroix and many other amazing minds! As well as creating original documentaries, programs & interviews, The 5th kind collaborates with creators and producers from all around the world. Such as Paul Wallis, Gaia TV, Film Makers: James fox, Alan Stievelmen and Giovani Lodigiani.

Compelling and Educational

With over 100 million views world wide.

Interviews & Talk Shows

Speaking to brilliant minds such as Erich Von Daniken, Richard Dolan, Matt LeCroix, Billy Carson and more!

Videos & Documentaries

Creating documentaries and programs in collaboration with experienced professionals and organisations around the world.

Presentations & Events

Educational presentations in collaboration with Mauro Biglino, Paul Wallis, Portal to Ascension and more!


Our network of creators and collaborations continues to grow and we are always looking for new and exciting partnerships. If you think this applies to you then please get in touch.

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