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Question: Hi, Paul. I’d love to know your insights into reincarnation. I have seen some past life regression sessions where these people experience past lives as a different species on other planets. Some even have past life memories as being an Anunnaki. Do you have an opinion on this or references to any ancient writings regarding reincarnation? Thank you. GoranRobson6243.

Paul Wallis Answers:

Goran. That’s a great question. And as you know, my background is from a Christian start point of 33 years in church base ministry as a theological educator and from the perspective of Christian theology, reincarnation doesn’t get much of a look in. In fact, it would really be regarded as a heresy. But through the years, I’ve heard so many very compelling examples of memories of former lives shared by children, memories of lives in great detail. And one possible explanation for that is the idea of reincarnation of a soul or conscious being living a sequence of lives on planet Earth. So just from the point of view of people’s experiences, people’s testimony that has caught my attention, and I think there really are some very compelling cases of that kind.


When I began my research path that led to escaping from Eden and all my work in paleocontact, I was reminded of the great role that Plato played in early Christianity, and I was reminded of the fact that the ideas of reincarnation were part of platonic thought and early Christian thought. Now, elsewhere on the planet, there’s no controversy around this.


If you go to the east, if you go to India, listen to the teachings of Buddhism and Hinduism, ideas of reincarnation are really central to that worldview. The idea that we are primarily beings of consciousness, having a material experience that’s central to those Eastern worldviews. And it was there in the grassroots at the dawn of the Christian era, as well. So it gets referenced in the Gospels, for instance, there’s a moment where the disciples are asked by Jesus, Who do people say I am? And one of the answers is, Well, a lot of people think you are a reincarnation of one of the prophets, by which they meant the Jewish prophets. They think you are a reincarnation of Elijah or one of the other prophets.



And so we can see from that answer that even in first century common era Judaism, ideas of reincarnation were part of mainstream conversation and mainstream thinking. Jewish people thought Jesus might be a reincarnation of a previous master. So it’s there, and it’s there. In the writings of some of the church fathers, the founders of Christian theology. So if you go to Origin, he’s regarded as the founder of hermeneutics. That’s the principles of interpreting ancient texts. And he applied those to the Bible. Go to Origin, go to Clement of Alexandria, a foundational church father for the Eastern tradition of Christianity. They both had a ten positive belief in reincarnation. They talked about it. They believed it was possible. They saw it as being in no way in conflict with the teachings of Jesus.


And one of the reasons they were thinking about it and talking about it was because it was part of Greek thought by that time as well. So writers like Plato and Plato really is at the zenith of philosophical thought of that time. And and throughout time, really, he toyed with the idea of reincarnation as well, and he argued on the basis of what we might call science, logic applied to things We can all observe that we are primarily beings of consciousness having a material experience. And he suggests that after this material experience, one possibility is that we go on to a completely different kind of experience, perhaps somewhere else in the cosmos, or that we have to stick around to process the experience we just had here. Or there’s the possibility that we might go on to another experience, but not elsewhere in the cosmos right here on planet Earth.


And because it was in Plato, so that’s why it was in the church fathers. And so for all those reasons, things I can find in the Christian tradition, in Plato, who was a wonderful synthesizer of international thought, in Eastern thought and through experiences that people are having to this present day, it’s a possibility I take very seriously. And I would say, yes, I lean in that direction. Yes, I do believe that happens.”

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