The Invasion of Eden. By Paul Wallis

Did our ancestors warn us about ET invasions?

Today we are witnessing a dramatic stand-off between elements of The Pentagon and elements of the U.S. Congress. The David Grusch complaint of 2023 has exposed a dark web of secrecy surrounding the Pentagon’s R&D operations to reverse-engineer materials recovered from UFO/UAP retrievals?

Where does this put us on the path to disclosure? Are members of congress right to be concerned? Are you and I being kept in the dark regarding an existential threat to humanity? Paul Wallis probes archaeological sites, Biblical and other ancient texts, and ancestral narratives from around the world, and casts a unique light on these questions.

THE INVASION OF EDEN takes us on a journey from Washington D.C. to Arlington, Virginia, from ancient Armenia to the Red Sea, from the Trossachs of Scotland to the hills of ancient Greece, from the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado to the Hawaiian Island of Molokai. En route we learn from figures in the world of military intelligence, guardians of indigenous knowledge, astrophysicists, and sources close to prime-ministers and presidents. Paul lifts the lid on information suppressed for more than 80 years and asks, “What are signs that our civilization may be on the cusp of a whole new world of E.T. contact??

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Paul Anthony Wallis is one of my best colleagues…very intelligent man and a brilliant author of books. His arguments and proofs are enlightening. Paul has a way of speaking that everyone can understand. I have full respect for him. Erich von Daniken – Chariots of the Gods (on the Chariots of the Gods Podcast)

“Incredible! Paul has written an amazing series and with what timing on this particular topic! Everything in our past has led up to what we are now experiencing and we need to be aware and make mindful choices. It is the most important thing right now.” Laura Eisenhower


“Paul Wallis takes us on a journey that we will never forget. This generation’s “Chariots of the Gods!” George Noory – Coast to Coast, Beyond Belief

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Paul Anthony Wallis

Paul Anthony Wallis is an internationally Bestselling Author, whose books probe the world’s ancestral narratives for their insight into human origins, human potential and our place in the cosmos. As a Senior Churchman, Paul served for 33 years as a Church Doctor, a Theological Educator, and an Archdeacon in the Anglican Church in Australia. He has published numerous titles on christian mysticism and spirituality and is a popular speaker at conferences around the world.

Paul is known for his bestselling series of titles in paleocontact. George Noory hailed Paul’s 2020 book “ESCAPING FROM EDEN” as “This generation’s ‘Chariots of the Gods!’” propelling Paul onto the international stage as the go-to-guy in the field of paleocontact.

The 2021 sequel “THE SCARS OF EDEN” was endorsed by the legendary Erich Von Daniken, followed up in 2022 by “ECHOES OF EDEN” and in 2023 by “THE EDEN CONSPIRACY,” both endorsed by George Noory. Paul’s interviews and documentaries on the Paul Wallis Channel and The 5th Kind and El Quinto Tipo are watched by millions worldwide.

Short Biography

Today Paul Wallis is best known for his bestselling series of titles in paleocontact, Escaping from Eden, The Scars of Eden, Echoes of Eden and The Eden Conspiracy. As the host of The 5th Kind TV and El Quinto Tipo, Paul’s documentaries and interviews are watched by millions worldwide.

Born in Buckinghamshire, England, Paul enjoyed seasons of life in Bath, Nottingham, Portsmouth and London. For a ten-year period he commuted between homes in the UK and Montreal, Canada, later settling in Australia. His travels around the world have included horse trekking in the depths of the Grand Canyon and the heights of the Himalayas, swimming in the Amazon, parachuting in Britain and Australia, and surviving a charging rhinoceros in Zambia – along with more peaceful pilgrimages to Egypt, Zimbabwe, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand and India.

Paul’s studies in languages, linguistics and theology have taken him around the world to study at The University of Bath (UK) The Machiavelli Institute in Florence (Italy) St John’s College and The University of Nottingham (UK) and to the Instituto Pastoral Regional in Belem, Amazonia (Brazil.)

Paul Wallis the Eden conspiracy
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Paul’s Background

As a Theological Educator, Paul designed training for pastors of churches in the UK, Korea, West Africa and Australia in the ’90s, ’00s, and ’10s, delivering courses on the History of Christian Thought and Biblical Hermeneutics (principles of interpreting texts.)

As a Church Doctor, Paul’s work included planting six new churches in Anglican and charismatic streams through the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s, providing consultancy for Anglican and non-aligned grassroots churches in the ’00’s, and leading community healing and appointment processes as an Intentional Interim Minister and Archdeacon in the Anglican Church in Australia in the ’00-’10s.

Paul’s studies in Hermeutics and the History of Christian Thought have led him from the familiar canons of mainstream preaching into the world of paleocontact, ancestral narratives and contemporary phenomena. Today, Paul’s books draw on diverse sources as he probes the world’s ancestral narratives for their insights into human origins and human potential.

Paul Wallis

An Australian by choice, Paul’s heritage is English, Welsh and Ghanaian – with ancestry in France, Switzerland, and Scandinavia. Paul is married to Ruth, a passionate educator and the founder of AfroShe, Ruth is of Ghanaian heritage. They have three children and live on Australia’s sunny east coast. Paul practices personal coaching with a few clients each year. He is a musician, a mystic, an enthusiastic chef and a barefoot walker.

Paul Wallis playing guitar

More Books by Paul Wallis

Escaping From Eden

Does Genesis Teach that the Human Race was Created by God or Engineered by ETs? The familiar stories of the book of Genesis affirm that God made the universe, planet earth, and you and me. However, various anomalies in the text clue us that we are not reading the original version of these stories. So what were the original narratives and what did they say about who we are and where we all came from?

Scars of


Do our world mythologies convey our ancestors’ ideas about God? Or are they in reality ancestral memories of extra-terrestrial contact? How do ancient stories of contact, adaptation and abduction relate to people’s experiences around the world today? The Scars of Eden will take you around the world to hear first-hand from ancestral voices alongside contemporary experiencers and world-renowned researchers.

Echoes of


Ancient stories from around the world describe entities which today we would call ETs. What other secrets lie hidden in the world’s ancestral narratives? From Senate briefings in Washington DC to secret ceremonies in southern Africa, from strange phenomena in Australia and Iraq to mysterious encounters in modern Brazil and ancient Greece, Echoes of Eden will take you around the globe to discover why Military, Intelligence and other government agencies are so interested in archeology, indigenous rituals and traditional initiation practices.

The Eden Conspiracy

What were the world’s ancestral stories before they became viewed as fiction and fable? What was the Bible before it became a book about God? And if the Bible was not about God, what was it our ancestors wanted us to know? The Eden Conspiracy reveals evidence of ancient ET contact in the Bible’s deep past, along with forgotten secrets about human progress, political power, emotional intelligence and human potential. The Eden Conspiracy sits you at the feet of world-class scholars and senior figures in military intelligence.