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Question: My Bible history professor told us that the word prophet was actually a Greek concept. The actual word he said was “nahbi”, which meant dance until you fall into a trance. Have you done any research on this?

Paul Wallis Answers:

Yes, that’s quite correct. And it’s something I do go into in my new book, The Invasion of Eden. There are two words used mainly for profit in the Hebrew Scriptures, and one of them means a seer and the other. I love the explanation that your professor gave. And what’s interesting is that people often ask me if we’ve been reading these stories wrong, if many of the supposed God stories of the Hebrew Scriptures are really stories of powerful beings who came and colonized us, non-human entities who governed over us, well, where does that put the prophecy of what Christians call the Old Testament?

Because when you get to Jesus and the Apostles, they often go to the Hebrew Scriptures for prophetic messages or esoteric messages. How can there be messages about the future that are accurate or messages about Jesus that are accurate? If really this isn’t God stuff? That’s it’s all stuff. And what I would say is this that the Hebrew canon contains the kaleidoscope of cultural memory of the Hebrew people.

It includes ancient memories of paleo contact colonization. But within that culture there were prophetic people, people we might call seers or sensitives or psychics, people who could do remote viewing, future viewing. So for instance, it’s the Prophet Micaiah. He’s a singer and he is able to remote view the Elba Adat, the Power Counsel, and he can see that there are different kinds of Elohim, different kinds of powerful beings sitting in counsel, trying to manipulate human society into warfare so they can feed off all the advantages, the negative energy of that.


So Micaiah has this remote viewing ability, or if you go to Isaiah, Joel, Jeremiah, they are able to future view an age beyond Judaism, an age beyond priesthood, where people are just having direct experiences, a source or direct experiences of the divine. They all have prophetic visions of things associated with the Christian era. And I think they were genuine sensitives, they were genuine seers.

But there are people in every culture who have these abilities, people who are especially sensitive, who can excel in far site or future vision or telepathic connection. I think we all have these abilities. Probably every single one of us has had glimpses of these things, a little flash of future sight, a little of sight, and then there are others who are more attuned to it.

Every culture has it and the Hebrew culture has it as well. And they call their people prophets or seers. I’ll add something to that. The dancing until you’re in an altered state of consciousness. Yes, that is one modality for prophecy. And you will find that in other traditions as well. If you go to some traditional healers, they will do that.

They will use sound, they will use music, they will use chanting, they will use dance to induce an altered state of consciousness so they can achieve remote communication or fast sight or X-ray vision, whatever it is they’re aiming at. That’s in the Bible too. But also the use of what the translators call aromatic oils. So there are very particular oils they would use to infuse the tents of the holy of holies, the sanctuary of their temples, so that the priests who are breathing in this cocktail of oils are also experiencing an altered state of consciousness with the purpose of achieving contact with other kinds of entity.

So that’s part of the prophetic fabric of the Hebrew tradition as well.

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