The Elohim Does Not Represent The Holy Trinity

Here Paul Wallis explains why he does not believe that the word Elohim represents “The Holy Trinity” as claimed by many people of faith. (Click Here for the direct video link) (Timestamp 2.23). ” I sometimes get a knee jerk reaction from people of Faith regarding what I argue for in the translation of Elohim as the powerful ones, and the knee joke reaction is: when people of Faith say “ah but wait a minute we know that God is Father Son and Holy Spirit” so this is the Christian Theology of the Holy Trinity surely that’s why Elohim the Bible’s oldest word for God is a plural it must represent the persons of the Holy Trinity.

There Are Many Problems to That Reaction

“Well there are many problems to that reaction, and the first is that the Holy Trinity is a Christian doctrine it. It is separated from the work and intent of the original authors by Millennia. The Theology of the most recent redactors of the Hebrew Cannon was a monotheistic theology they did not believe in multiple gods, and in fact the insertion of the Holy Name Yahweh over earlier Elohim stories such as we see in Genesis 3 or Genesis 11 reveals that that later redactor is turning the stories of the Elohim into a story of God . It’s those adjustments that throw up many of the moral problems.”

Why Would a Loving God Genocide People?

Why would a loving God bomb people back into a pre- stone AG condition from having previously been a technological civilization? this is what we read in Genesis 11! so no, it not a representation of the Holy Trinity. Would it make any sense for thousands of human beings to get killed in the crossfire between the Elohim? is that what happens when the father Son and Holy Spirit get into a spat? of course not. The Original Stories are about something else. Elohim what I would argue are “powerful ones”

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