Paul Wallis and Billy Carson, in the YouTube video on 4biddenknowlegde YouTube channel titled “The Ancient Sky Gods of Humanity,” explore the narratives in the Bible regarding ancient contact with advanced beings referred to as the Elohim or Sky Armies. They discuss how these beings, considered powerful gods with egos, had wars that were later depicted as holy wars, and how the term “Elohim” has been translated as “God.”

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They encourage a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of oneself and the cosmos. Wallis also emphasizes the historical reformation in Judaism, which led to a shift in focus from paleo contact to obedience, and warns against the controlling aspects of religion perpetuated by preachers for financial gain. They also discuss ancient Egyptian gods like Aten and the suppression of knowledge throughout history, particularly the Catholic Church’s violent actions against heretics like the Cathars.

They argue that a non-human layer to Earth’s governance, believed to be present since the 1600s, can be understood within religious and historical contexts. They touch upon the significance of quantum physics in understanding the concept of God and invite listeners to reframe their understanding of God as a part of their own consciousness, not a puppet master. The conversation also emphasizes the importance of intentionality and radiating positive emotions for better interactions with others.

Unravelling Ancient Narratives: A Deep Dive into the Cosmos, Religion, and Quantum Phenomena.

In this discussion, Paul Wallis and Billy Carson delve into the intricate narratives embedded in ancient texts, particularly the Bible, shedding light on the misunderstood accounts of contact with advanced beings known as the Elohim or “Sky armies.” This exploration spans the realms of theology, history, and quantum physics, offering a unique perspective on the interconnectedness of the cosmos and human existence.

The Evolution of Beliefs:

The conversation unveils the evolution of religious beliefs, emphasizing the impact of mistranslations and misinterpretations in shaping our understanding of ancient contact with extraterrestrial beings, referred to as “Sky Armies” or “paleo contact.” Wallis and Carson discuss the transition from primitive Judaism’s celebration of these entities to King Hezekiah’s centralization of worship around Yahweh, marking a pivotal shift towards obedience, tithing, and the suppression of alternative narratives.

The Influence of Monotheistic Concepts:

The duo delves into the monotheistic concepts in the Bible, drawing parallels with ancient Egyptian beliefs centered around the god Aten. The discussion highlights power struggles among gods, ego-driven conflicts, and the consequences of suppressing indigenous knowledge. Wallis clarifies his usage of the term “god,” referring to the source of the cosmos and everything within it.

Decoding Religious Texts:

A significant portion of the conversation addresses the misinterpretations and manipulations of religious texts throughout history. Wallis and Carson emphasize the need to critically examine these texts, uncovering hidden meanings and challenging preconceived notions. They touch upon instances where mistranslations have led to justifications for acts of violence and control.

Ancient Contact and Extraterrestrial Beings:

The discussion expands to explore ancient beliefs in contact experiences with extraterrestrial beings. Wallis contends that biblical translators have obscured the truth about these contacts, presenting them as colonial narratives or works of fiction. The duo references figures from various cultures, demonstrating how these traditions influenced civilizations and incorporated elements into Christianity.

Suppression of Knowledge and Alternative Perspectives:

Wallis and Carson shed light on historical instances of suppressing knowledge and eliminating alternative perspectives, citing the violent actions of the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages. They connect this suppression to broader campaigns, including the burning of libraries like the Library of Alexandria, aimed at controlling the narrative and maintaining power.

The Non-Human Layer to Earth’s Governance:

The conversation takes an intriguing turn as Wallis and Carson discuss the idea of a non-human layer to Earth’s governance. Tracing historical narratives, they explore the possibility of non-human entities influencing elites, emphasizing the importance of consciousness and personal growth in navigating a complex world.

Quantum Physics and the Nature of God:

In a thought-provoking segment, Wallis and Carson connect quantum physics to the concept of God, arguing that it offers compelling evidence of a Creator’s presence. They redefine God as the source of the cosmos, urging listeners to reconsider their understanding of divinity and embrace a more expansive view that transcends religious manipulation.

The dialogue between Paul Wallis and Billy Carson traverses diverse topics, inviting viewers to question established narratives, explore ancient beliefs, and reconsider the nature of the cosmos and God. This deep dive into religion, history, and quantum phenomena challenges preconceptions and encourages a nuanced understanding of our interconnected existence.

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