In this captivating dialogue, Paul Wallis and Mauro Biglino engage in a thought-provoking discussion on the potential connections between Norse Viking gods and the Biblical Elohim. Their conversation, rooted in historical and mythological analyses, opens up a world where ancient deities from different cultures might share common origins. Video Link Here

A Journey Through Mythologies

Paul and Mauro begin with an exploration of the Norse pantheon, where gods like Odin, Thor, and Freya are not just figures of Scandinavian folklore but possibly linked to the Elohim of biblical fame. This idea is grounded in the writings of historians like Josephus Flavius and Tacitus, who provide hints of a Middle Eastern and Central Asian genesis for these revered Norse entities.

The Magi: A Cross-Cultural Enigma

An intriguing aspect of this discussion is the role of the Magi. Traditionally viewed in the context of Christian lore, their origins and their quest for wisdom are seen in a new light. Could their journey have been influenced by a broader understanding of the divine, possibly connected to the Norse gods?

Conclusions and Speculations

Despite the fascinating correlations and historical hints, Paul and Mauro are careful to note that this theory remains speculative. The lack of concrete evidence means that, for now, the connection between Norse Viking gods and the Biblical Elohim is an intriguing possibility, opening new avenues for understanding the interconnectedness of ancient beliefs and mythologies.

In this interview, Paul Wallis and Mauro Biglino not only explore the past but also invite us to rethink the origins and relationships of ancient deities, offering a fresh perspective on the complex tapestry of human belief and mythology.

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Paul Wallis & Mauro Biglino

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