Documentary film maker James Fox, who is a frequent guest on The 5th Kind appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience last week and dropped a bombshell!

James tells Joe about a time back in 1995 that he received a phone called from Chuck Clark. a former military officer living in Nevada. Chuck told James he had something big that James needed to see. Immediately, James cancelled his plans, jumped in his car and headed to Rachel, Nevada.

James Fox on Logan Paul’s Unreleased UFO Video | Joe Rogan Experience

When James arrived at Chuck’s place he was shown an old VHS video cassette tape. the tape starts by showing footage of 2 men driving around on a road trip to Area 51. They make there way around the local tourist attractions like the famous “Little Ale Inn” café taking pictures of one another . All of a sudden the video shows there car is parked out by the black mail box near area 51 at dusk.

The camera is on the arm rest between the 2 seats filming the dashboard and the windshield. You cannot see anyone in the car but the audio would reveal the 2 men “sounding like they were trying to crawl under the seats. They were freaking out ” The next moment one of the men shouted “It’s over the top of us” All of a sudden the car lights up on the inside, but the source of light is above it. almost like a pendulum with a light attached swinging over the top of the car in a fluid motion. A very eerie sight.

The next moment the younger of the two men could be heard on the tape saying “I am getting out” to which the older man replied “stay in the car, its over the top of us!” The younger man proceeded to get out of the car, grabbing the camera and began to film a disc. A disc hovering so low that you could hit it with a rock.

James Fox Describing the UFO to Joe Rogan

James proceeds to tell Joe Rogan how shocking the footage was. And “That’s what all those other people who have experienced this have been trying to describe, The skin of the craft was glowing like phosphorus glowing on a beach. It looked like the skin was alive with a yellow orange colour to it. The metal light up like it was alive. ”

The camera man can then be heard saying “oh my god” something about the batteries and then the tape cuts off. At the time, James looked over at Chuck Clark and said.. ” This is the video everyone has been waiting for, unbelievable! Joe Rogan rightfully begins to question the validity of the video in question…

Where Does Logan Paul come into the story?

James then begins to tell Joe about the next part of the story.. A private investigator was hired a few years ago to try and track down Chuck Clark the owner of the video tape who for years, James was unable to find. the investigator found Chuck, and at about the same time James was a guest on the podcast “Impaulsive” hosted by Logan Paul. James also told Logan the story on the show. Logan was curious and wanted to go to Chuck’s house. Surprisingly, this was actually arranged and Logan Paul drove to the house in the middle of the desert with a group of his friends. And $100,000!

Logan met Chuck Clark and offered the money to Chuck for the video, to which Chuck refused his offer. But, Logan Paul was able to watch the video and was wearing a hidden button button camera at the time. Apparently he now has a copy filmed via the hidden camera but is unsure if he should make it publicly available.

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