What were the world’s ancestral stories before they became viewed as fiction and fable? What was the Bible before it became a book about God? And if the Bible was not about God, what was it our ancestors wanted us to know?

Ancient Memories of ET Contact and the Bible before God

The Eden Conspiracy reveals evidence of ancient ET contact in the Bible’s deep past, along with forgotten secrets about human progress, political power, emotional intelligence and human potential. The Eden Conspiracy takes you around the world from Australia to Brazil, Guatemala, Ghana, Kenya, Italy, Scotland, England, Israel, Palestine, and ancient Sumeria. The journey includes archeological sites in the Levant which hold clues of ancient experiences of close encounters, and sits at the feet of world-class scholars and senior figures in military intelligence, whose privileged information concerns the hidden layers of covert government in the deep past and in the present day.

The Eden Conspiracy reveals how we can recover our ancestors’ wisdom and build a better future for ourselves and our society. But why was this layer of information edited and translated out of the Bible? Who made these changes, and with what agenda? And what does any of this have to do with ETs?

Paul Wallis the Eden conspiracy

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